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Choose a Painting Kitchen Cabinet

Everyone will want a kitchen that is clean and pleasing to the eye. Time passed, fat, water, heat, stains, and food stamp an indelible mark on your kitchen cabinets, make your kitchen look dirty. If you do not want a large amount of money to spend to buy new furniture, you should carefully consider the options for finding a way out. If you decide to paint your kitchen cabinets, remember that the work could be spread over three days. Also keep in mind that light colors to give the impression of space.
Then decide whether you want to paint, both inside and outside the cabinet. Painting requires a minimum of three days, and if you decide to paint the interior as well, you have the additional task of emptying the drawer. The first step is a layer of the cleaning process. Remember that to clean a painting do-it-yourself is different from regular cleaning and hygiene model to follow. Cleaning ensures a smooth, even finish for painting. Check the surface carefully for cracks and damage from the paint does not cover these defects. Use coarse sandpaper to the surface and files through the holes with putty and scrapes clean. Once this is done, prune old enamel surface with a primer. You can choose between oil-base primer and water-based primer. The choice of oil-based primer is a better choice because the paint sticks too easy.
When painting, you must cover the top of the table with a sticker or used paper. Start painting points the least and open to the outside world. Then paint the interior surfaces first and then go to the external. You may also consider using a paint to give your work a consistent and uniform appearance. When finished, allow sufficient time for drying and then reassemble the cabinet in its original position. New look, fresh, clean, and aesthetic and will give you the joy of work well done one day.

Kitchen Set Ideas

It is customary in time, people continue to buy new things for the kitchen. Some do it to old or damaged utensils to replace, but there are some who just buy for fun. This trend usually ends junk or useless items too crowded around the kitchen.
First step to reorganize your kitchen is short and medium used items or throw away damaged. These things are no longer useful and if they remain there, it does accumulate dust. In the process, attention to food, herbs or medicines beyond their expiry date, because you might also want to get rid of them.
Clean the areas where these junks are placed. Use clothing soaked in warm water and let dry. Once done, replace the spaces with fresh and new. It is not only useful, but this practice can help prevent accidents.
Keep your spices near the stove. As for foods that are used daily, to be held in a place where everyone in your home can easily access. If you have young children, make sure items such as cutlery and cooking chemicals out of reach.
Finally, make a point to the right place at anytime. Bring your family to work together. This will keep your kitchen clean and safe.